Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The potent role of Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali is a historical herb which has been frequently utilized for centuries in several parts of the world because of its specific libido and erection-boosting properties. It has become especially popular for its testosterone-enhancing properties.
Tongkat Ali - Mode of action
Tongkat Ali has been found to exert its male enhancing effects through or more of the following mechanisms:

1-By increasing testosterone: Tongkat Ali significantly increases the testosterone (male sex hormone) leading to a natural increase a person's sex drive. Testosterone is the most important of the male sex hormones, which are collectively called as androgens. These androgens are made in the gonads (testes) and play a key role in the growth and maturity of male sex organs such as penis.  Tongkat Ali enhances the blood levels of testosterone significantly.
2-By increasing cGMP: Tongkat Ali greatly increases the level of cGMP, a substance that causes relaxation or dilatation of smooth muscle of the penis (corpus cavernosum). Hence, as penis has more widened tissue spaces, more blood goes into the penis which causes longer and harder erections over the time.
Because of these benefits and features, supplements which have the recommended quantities of Tongkat Ali are now increasingly getting popular in men who want to enhance physical, sexual and psychological activity performance.
Hence, Tongkat Ali is now being commonly used by men because of its safety and ability to produce and enhance secretion of testosterone. By increasing the testosterone level, men are able to experience a huge boost in their sexual desire and function. Hence, Tongkat Ali is a natural aid that revitalizes the human sex drive, and improves it. Since it is tough and expensive to obtain original Tongkat Ali and consume it on regular basis, the best way is to consume a safe and recommended natural supplements. 

Lasting Ideas on How to Satisfy Your Woman through Anchors

So, you think you know how to satisfy your woman?
Well, if you’re like most men, than you’re probably thinking that there isn’t much left to learn in the world of female satisfaction. Interestingly, survey after survey suggests otherwise – In fact, many women still continue to fake their orgasms, as well as a significant percentage of them remain “not as satisfied” with their sex life, when comparing sex with their past lovers. That means that most of the time, they think someone in their past was a lot better or even bigger than you!
Being “good enough” in sports or math is acceptable. When it comes to sex, however, the place you don’t want to be in your lover’s mind is simply, “good enough” or “average.”  If that’s where you think you are, don’t worry, because there are some very simple things that you can do to change the game – starting today!
To be better than average, you must learn to develop what are called “love anchors.” What are love anchors, you ask? Well, dear boy, love anchors are what forever will separate you among your lover’s past exploits. Anchors are what will make her wish for you when you are not around. Anchors will be the things that she fantasizes about when she is making love to her husband and wishing she was with you instead.
Let us begin.
Anchors are “sticking points” that are sealed with emotion, creativity, and sexual tension with something that is familiar to her. They are specific and isolated moments or sensations that are specifically “anchored” to one of your lover’s six senses with something that is grounded in her day to day life.
Yes, that’s right – six senses. Let’s review: humans have five normal senses of sight, touch, taste, hearing, and smell. Senses are “lenses” by which we “sense” what is going on around us and what is happening to us.
Women, on the other hand, have one more sense – that is their sense of “romance and imagination.” Ask any woman, what she is doing when she meets a man that she likes, and she will not readily admit the truth: she is placing him in imaginary roles – father, lover, friend, or door mat.
So, you’re job is to develop anchors (one or more) in each of the six categories to ensure your place in the lover’s role! For you novices, try to do this with just one of the six “senses” at a time.
I will repeat: an anchor is an extremely memorable moment that is sealed with emotion, creativity, and sexual tension that you share with your lover and connect it with something that is already familiar to her.
Now remember, these anchors don’t always have to be erotic - they can be fun too. 
Let me give you one example: My ex-girlfriend lives in a great apartment on a beautiful street, lined with great trees. She loves those trees. So, after one evening together - being a little tipsy from a great time out - we decided to walk back to her place. As we walked home, I made it a point to stop at every single tree and kiss her.
Some kisses were passionate, others were cute pecks on the cheek or neck, and others were a kisses were light on the back of the hand as I squatted on a bent knee.
During the slow walk back to her place, we created incredible sexual tension at each of these trees. By the time we got home, she was ready to pounce on me and roar! And roar is what she did, boys.
The next day, she couldn’t stop texting me about how much she loved the evening and that how much she enjoyed kissing at every tree on her side of the street! I must admit, it was pretty fun.
Now, a couple of years have passed, but every time she thinks about those trees on her block, every time she comes home from a long day, every time she leaves for work, who do you think she be thinking about? What will she be thinking about? That’s right boys, me.
In fact, even though we had an amicable split, she often sends me messages or emails telling me that she is thinking about the night we kissed at every tree, or how much those trees remind her of me and that wonderful evening several summers ago – and she sends me these messages even though she is now engaged to someone else! That is an example of an anchor. I anchored those familiar trees she sees every day with a great sexual experience that began long before we jumped into bed.

Four Things that You Should Not do in Bed with your Woman

Congratulations, you were able to get your woman into bed! Things are looking good for you, right? That is, until you blow it!
You would actually be surprised about how many men do everything right to sack their women into bed, only to flounder at the very last second and end up with a giant case of blue balls.
So, we decided to put together a list of four things for you not to do just as heaven’s gates are about to open!
1.      Don’t Ever Bring Up Your Ex - Not Ever. This is the ultimate cock blocker. It doesn’t matter if your current girl is in an entirely different league than your last girl. The simple truth is that if you bring the topic of your Ex in bed, your current girl will think that you are thinking about your past sex partners just as she is about to share her most beautiful gift with you! If you want to compliment her, don’t do it by comparing her features or personality traits with some other chick you used to bang. For example: “You have nicer boobs than my Ex,” simply will not do. In fact, bringing up your ex-girlfriend at the most intimate time, could not only damage your chances with having great sex, but it could also cause your girl to have lingering thoughts about whether or not you are still pining after your ex-girlfriend.
2.      Don’t Show Your Insecurity. Okay, so you might have a few inches to lose around the waist and your man boobs are just too much for most women to bare, but don’t show you’re insecurity here. After all, you did get your lady to hop into bed with you for obviously other substantial reasons that don’t have much to do with your body. Most likely, she was attracted to your charm, your wit, and your confidence. Throwing out those very sexy features about you literally leaves her with nothing but your hairy love handles to grab. Instead, make your features work for you. Rather, say: “Come to Papa” or “There’s a whole Lotta Man here for you!” Remember, it’s all about confidence, which is the sexiest and perhaps the biggest attribute you got in your pocket – don’t throw it away.
3.      Don’t Treat Her Like A Guy: Yes, your girl might be cool with your guy antics, but not in bed – that’s a whole different world from your grease-stained-cigar smelling-man-sofa. Don’t fart, burp, or scratch your balls while you’re going for broke. These are huge turn-offs to any woman with a little class and sophistication. Even if she laughs at these juvenile antics, what she’s really thinking is, “My God, how did I end up here with this guy?” If you have to relieve yourself in any way, then quickly excuse yourself from the room and go to the bathroom.
4.      Hygiene is Essential. The difference between getting laid and jumping fast out of bed with blue balls could essentially come down to your hygiene. This is a critical subject for couples. Most men smell. We work out, we play sports, and we wear the same shirt three days in a row (well, some of us anyway). That’s all fine and dandy when you’re with your guy friends on a camping trip, but not when you’re on your girl’s new silky-satin sheets that she recently sprayed with her lavender aromatherapy. Most women, whether they realize it or not, get turned on by their partner’s smell. So you have to keep things clean, especially around your “amigo”. You might also consider shaving or at the very least, trimming your pubic hair since hairs are “Odor Factories.” The surface of you pubic hair is especially ripe for funky bacteria to release their stinky flatulence, causing you to reek.
Remember, not doing certain things is just as important as what you do. With these four items out of the way, you will be ready to make her feel incredible. Now go on, have fun.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Common reasons for boredom in bedroom what to do about them

Are you bored with your sex life? Well, if you care to admit that you might be in a relationship in which the fire has started to dwindle a bit, you are not alone.
It happens to everyone and in every relationship.
In fact, a good way to look at your sex life is comparing it to a campfire. Once the fire gets going, it’s just a matter of time before you see the flames climb high into the night’s sky.
But then, as with every roaring fire, the flames burn down a bit and, if there aren’t any more logs thrown into the fire, all that will be left is just a hot bed of red coals! The trick is to keep putting fuel on those red coals before the fire goes out completely.
So, how do you feed that fire? After all, you really do wish you could get that “old spark” back and have the kind of great sex you used to, right?
Sexual boredom can occur in any relationship after the first initial excitement of being together wears off. After all, you and your lover may come home from a long day at work, looking pretty tired, and the last thing on your mind might be jumping on the kitchen table to get it on, right? She may have forgotten to shave for the last two weeks and she doesn’t look as sexy as she once did – we have all been there.  And of course, you’re not helping matters either by walking around, scratching you backside with your old boxers on.
Meanwhile, those hot coals in the fire pit are nearly gone.
So what do you do? Do you throw the giant log into the fire, hoping that it catches on fire again?
Most likely, what the only thing the log will do is put the fire out of its misery - forever. Why is that? Because the bigger the log, the bigger the expectations. And when our expectations are dashed, we tend to give up or get angry and walk away.
Instead, take simple and small steps to get your love back on track.
Your sex life reflects your life in general. If you are stressed, ill, or bored with your life, usually those same feelings transfer over to your sex life too. Your sex life is simply a mirror to what you are experiencing at the moment.
So what’s the answer to sexual boredom? To bring the fire back into the bedroom, you have to bring excitement to your life outside the bedroom first!
Here are a few tips:
1.      Clean out the clutter – your room, your car, and your life. Get rid of all the things that weigh you down, spiritually, emotionally or visually. This is like removing all the useless ash from your fire pit. The more ash you get rid of, the more room you will have to be you.
2.      Start exercising - This gets the juices flowing in every part of your body including your privates. If you’re not the “gym” type, take walks after dinner or go for a bike ride. Just get off your ass and start moving!
3.      Feed your creativity - Go to a theatrical play, an art show, or a music concert. The passion that comes from the art you experience can transcend to your mind, attitude, and ultimately your sex life!
4.      Communicate - Many times, you will find that your love life directly correlates with the type of communication you and your partner are experiencing. Doing the above mentioned things will help with communication. It’s easier to talk about art, music, or your health to help get you back on track. You will find that those little sparks will also help you talk about the bills being due, when you need to pick up the kids, or what chores need to be done.
5.      Bring her small gifts - The act of generosity can unlock a lot of past hang-ups, including resentments, frustrations, and annoyances that may exist between the two of you. Start small with gifts such as flowers, scarves, and coupons for getting her nails done. All these things make her feel special and provide you the feeling that you are doing a good job taking care of her!
6.      Increase Your Confidence – Women love a man with confidence. Perhaps you need an extra nudge to get the fire going. Perhaps, you want show her that you’re as sexual as ever!
Sexual excitement always begins before entering the bedroom. If you remember to slowly feed your fire, soon those small gestures will ignite into a small but powerful fire with tremendous potential. In no time at all, you will be ready to put that big log back in the fire bit and see the flames, once again, fill the night sky.