Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The potent role of Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali is a historical herb which has been frequently utilized for centuries in several parts of the world because of its specific libido and erection-boosting properties. It has become especially popular for its testosterone-enhancing properties.
Tongkat Ali - Mode of action
Tongkat Ali has been found to exert its male enhancing effects through or more of the following mechanisms:

1-By increasing testosterone: Tongkat Ali significantly increases the testosterone (male sex hormone) leading to a natural increase a person's sex drive. Testosterone is the most important of the male sex hormones, which are collectively called as androgens. These androgens are made in the gonads (testes) and play a key role in the growth and maturity of male sex organs such as penis.  Tongkat Ali enhances the blood levels of testosterone significantly.
2-By increasing cGMP: Tongkat Ali greatly increases the level of cGMP, a substance that causes relaxation or dilatation of smooth muscle of the penis (corpus cavernosum). Hence, as penis has more widened tissue spaces, more blood goes into the penis which causes longer and harder erections over the time.
Because of these benefits and features, supplements which have the recommended quantities of Tongkat Ali are now increasingly getting popular in men who want to enhance physical, sexual and psychological activity performance.
Hence, Tongkat Ali is now being commonly used by men because of its safety and ability to produce and enhance secretion of testosterone. By increasing the testosterone level, men are able to experience a huge boost in their sexual desire and function. Hence, Tongkat Ali is a natural aid that revitalizes the human sex drive, and improves it. Since it is tough and expensive to obtain original Tongkat Ali and consume it on regular basis, the best way is to consume a safe and recommended natural supplements. 


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